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Comprehensive Conference Planning by a Trusted Meeting Planner

Trust only Meetings Management, Inc., for detailed conference planning solutions. We are a group of experienced meeting planners who have created and executed successful meetings, programs, and annual conferences.

Why You Should Hire Us

We recognize that every 20-person board meeting is as important as a 5,000-person annual conference. That is why we give each event the attention that it needs.

• We can save you money from step 1 – negotiating the best and most current contract options
• Streamline your speakers – we can eliminate confusion in your program by organizing clear
  communication with your speakers.   We have developed comprehensive documents to confirm
  and evaluate speakers
• Make a good first impression – we can set up a clear and easy registration system
• Do you want to increase your registration?  Use our marketing tools and techniques
• Let us handle your onsite needs instead of losing your valuable staff to these duties
• Don’t overpay!  We guarantee we can save money on your food and beverage events. We have
  formulas we have perfected to get the most out of your budget

Conferences and Events

Let us assist you in your conferences and events. For pricing details of individual tasks and comprehensive meeting coverage, just contact Mary Magnini. Apart from registration, menu, and program planning, our wide array of services includes:

• Site Selection
• Hotel Negotiation/Liaison
• Exhibit Sales and Promotions
• Caterers
• Printers

• Audio/Visual Arrangements
• Graphic Consulting
• Security
Housing and Travel Arrangements

• Meeting Evaluations
• Speaker Coordination
Allow Us To:
• Facilitate the Conference Planning Process
• Handle and Coordinate Speaker, Facilitator, and Presenter Logistics
• Negotiate Hotel Contracts and Handle All Communication Arrangements with Hotels and Suppliers
• Design Registration Systems and Track Participants and Exhibitors
• Develop the Content and Format for All Conference Promotional Materials
• Oversee All Functions of a Conference or Meeting, including Convening Daily Conference Debriefings,
  Reviewing and Expediting Hotel Charges, Developing and Obtaining Participant Conference Evaluations,
  and Writing and Submitting Post-Conference Reports

Additional Tasks:

• Supervising All Hotel Communications and Transactions
• Making Arrangements for VIPs, Staff, Audiovisual Equipment, Room Setups, Head Tables, Banquet Rooms, and Special Setups
• Providing On-Site Management of Conference
• Developing and Producing Conference Handouts

• Designing Registration and
  Reservation Systems
• Creating and Processing All
  Registration Materials 
• Doing Financial Reports

Participant and Exhibit Lists:
• Tracking All Participants and Exhibitors • Providing Clients with Updated Database • Accompanying Reports

Exhibits/Poster Session Coordination:

• Developing Content and Format of Exhibit 

• Coordinating with Exhibit Decorators
• Developing Exhibit Hall Maps
• Coordinating Printing and Distribution of Brochures

Post-Conference Wrap-Up:

• Reviewing Hotel Bills
• Distributing Appropriate Gratuities

• Providing Post-Conference Reports
• Compiling and Reporting Findings
• Developing Participant Conference Evaluations

Contact us to hire a proficient meeting planner for flawless conference planning and execution.